Where to Find the Best Cheesesteak Sandwiches in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is the home of the Liberty Bell, the Declaration of Independence, and the Philly cheesesteak. Originated in 1930, the Cheesesteak took off when a local hot dog vendor, Pat Olivieri, grilled some chopped beef and added cheese. A taxicab driver noticed the enticing aroma and asked for a sandwich.

f you would like to enjoy a sandwich, the best cheesesteak destinations near our Conshohocken apartments include:


When Pat Olivieri gave up his hot dog stand, Pat's King of Steaks was born. Family owned and operated for nearly ninety years, the restaurant is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Open 24 hours, it has gained recognition on the Food Network and welcomes people from around the world. The sandwiches can be enjoyed with fries and a tall glass of soda.


Down the street from Pat's, Geno's Steaks dates back to 1966. The two restaurants are known for their rivalry, and tourists are known to try both. Joey Vento established Geno's with two boxes of steaks, a few hot dogs, and six dollars in his pocket. He learned the business while working at his father's steak shop in the 1940s. Joey's son, Geno, began working behind the counter at seventeen. Today, he carries on his father's legacy. The cheesesteaks feature peppers, mushrooms, and your choice of cheese.


Tony Luke's prides itself on being "the real taste of South Philadelphia." Tony is an actor and musician who is always creating new recipes. He's famous for his food mashups and has been featured on Rachel Ray and other television shows. The restaurant is known as an international sandwich destination, and the made-to-order cheesesteaks are served on freshly baked bread. They're best enjoyed with the seasoned natural-cut fries.

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