Where to Find the Best Ice Cream Around Conshohocken

Did you know that the United States leads the world in ice cream consumption?

The average American eats 48 pints every year.

It's the perfect treat for a warm day, and the best ice cream shops around our Conshohocken apartments include:


Friends Walter Lenhard and KC Grese believe that small towns are the center of strong communities. That's why they wanted to give back to the community they have come to know and love. The pair opened Parlour Ice Cream on Ardmore's Lancaster Avenue, and it's known for making people smile. The ice cream is made using fresh, local ingredients. There's something for everyone with flavors such as chocolate marshmallow, black raspberry, and peanut butter weave.


Native Philadelphians Chris Maguire and Steve Wright Jr. met in the sixth grade. They both love ice cream and video games and decided to turn their passions into a full-time job. That's how Tubby Robot was born, and it's called the "Coolest ice cream shop in Philadelphia" by Philadelphia Magazine. All of the flavors feature local ingredients, and they frequently rotate. Choices may include sea salted caramel, chocolate covered strawberry, and peanut fudge swirl.


Bassetts boasts that it's rich in history, richer in flavor. The shop began in 1861 when the early batches of ice cream were churned by mule power. It has called the Reading Terminal Market home since 1892, and is proud to be the last remaining original merchant. The ice cream is made daily using over sixteen percent butterfat, which makes it creamier than other brands. Flavors include banana, chocolate chip cookie dough, and pomegranate & blueberry crunch.

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