Unlock Clues at an Escape Room Near Conshohocken

Escape rooms are sixty-minute real-life adventure games where you need to find hidden clues and solve difficult puzzles to complete the challenge.

If you would like to give escape rooms a try, the best ones near our apartments in Conshohocken include:


Considered the most immersive escape room in the Philadelphia area, Project Escape offers an experience that's not soon forgotten. Each game features an interactive plot with a myriad of clever puzzles seamlessly woven in.

If you are looking for a challenge, try The Meltdown. It's rated 10/10 in difficulty, and teams are tasked with stopping a nuclear meltdown. Can you save the city before it is too late?


Voted the best escape attraction in Philadelphia, Expedition Escape is where you'll need to think outside of the box. It's the only escape room in the area that offers private reservations, which means you will never have to play with strangers.

There are four rooms to choose from including Aunt Edna's Condo. Aunt Edna's inheritance is hidden someplace in her home, and it's protected by traps. Can you find the wealth that has eluded many before you?


Established in 2014, Escape the Room offers games filled with mystery and secrets. It has twice welcomed the quarterback from the Philadelphia Eagles as well as athletes from other Philadelphia sports teams. The rooms provide an hour of intense mental entertainment and have a success rate of about twenty percent.

Try The Dig. You and your team are experienced excavators used to working below the earth. But on this expedition, things go wrong. Together you must face the darkness underground. Can you find your way back to surface before time runs out?

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