The 3rd Street Gallery Features Colorful Paintings

If you’re searching for a colorful painting, look no further than the 3rd Street Gallery.

It’s one of Philadelphia’s oldest cooperative art galleries, and its mission is to extend an awareness of fine art.

The artists split their time between their studios and the gallery, and those not to be missed include:


Carol states that a blank canvas excites her imagination as the process of selecting and rejecting colors begins. She graduated from the Pennsylvania of Fine Arts four-year program and is highly visible on the city’s art scene. Carol focuses on landscapes and still life paintings, and recently started experimenting with the subtle colors found in nature’s fading blossoms and withering plants.


Priscilla Algava’s work is about time and memory. While painting she listens to music and believes that some of the rhythmic qualities find their way into her paintings. Color plays a crucial role in Priscilla’s creations, and she strives to offer visual pieces that ask the viewer to imagine, wonder, and wander along with her.


Constance started her career as a still life photographer and changed to painting and printmaking while obtaining an MFA at the University of Pennsylvania. Today, she creates landscapes with soft pastels on paper or rice paper, while her early works were inspired by the poems of the WWI British “Trench” poets.


Jean Plough is a local painter who specializes in oil and acrylic abstract paintings. The paints she uses depend on the season, and she enjoys being an artist as it allows for creating a new perspective while communicating with others.

The 3rd Street Gallery is just one of the art venues near our apartments in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. If you are considering calling our community home, please contact us to arrange a showing where you can see firsthand all we have to offer.