Where You Can Find Delicious Ramen Near Conshohocken

Ramen has been a staple of the Japanese diet for over a hundred years, but this delicious dish only caught on in the United States a few decades ago. Ramen is a soup that's packed with flavor and can be customized to your taste preferences. Traditional ramen dishes start with a pork broth and quick-cook noodles. Toppings can include scallions, sliced meats, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, seaweed, corn, and so much more. It's hearty, warming, filling, and tasty. No wonder it's a popular dish all over the United States, including right here near our apartments in Conshohocken! Here are three great places nearby where you can dive into a bowl of ramen.


Location: 4357 Main Street, Philadelphia

You might have to hop in the car to make it to this one, but the quick five-mile drive is worth it. @Ramen specializes in the dish, offering five different ramen options. You can add a soy-flavored egg, extra veggies, sliced pork, or even a pork or beef dumpling to each bowl for a small charge. If you are new to the ramen scene, we recommend starting with the Tonkotsu Ramen. It starts with a creamy pork broth and packs a ton of flavor in a small bowl.

Happy Maki

Location: 200 West Ridge Pike, Conshohocken

Want to stick closer to home? Happy Maki is known for their sushi, but you can't overlook their ramen offering. Their spicy ramen comes with an egg and served over rice. It's good enough that you'll find yourself making a trip to Happy Maki just for the spicy ramen! Don't let the "spicy" part put you off, though. While it does have a bit of heat, it shouldn't be too overwhelming. It's more about the flavor of the soup, which Happy Maki does perfectly.

Hakata Ramen

Location: 265 Swedesford Road, Wayne

You won't leave Hakata Ramen hungry. This place is known for its big portions, perfect for those who can't get enough of their favorite ramen dishes. They have dozens of ramen options on the menu. Each one is worth a try, so you'll need to make a few visits to try them all. Vegetarians will appreciate their veggie-friendly ramen options, too, which use a vegetable broth base instead of the traditional pork.

The Courts at Spring Mill Station is centrally located to all these great ramen places! Our location is one of the things our residents love about living here. Contact us today to learn more about our community and how you can enjoy everything we have to offer.

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